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Organique Acaí Freeze Dried Capsules 120s

Organique Açaí Freeze Dried Capsule uses both the pulp and the skin to guarantee the maximum benefit of the fruit. By processing the açaí berry through freeze-drying for hours, the fruit’s natural goodness is preserved. Thus, it is able to provide you with all the antioxidants, omega fats, fiber, amino acids, and vitamins that you need. All Natural USDA Organic Vegan -Gluten-Free -Non-GMO Preservative Free A good source of heart Healthy Omega 3,6,7,9 fatty acids Contains 12,000 mg of 100% pure whole Açaí berries per one-ounce serving A good source of anthocyanins, trace minerals, fiber, and plant sterols A naturally high source of antioxidants Wild-harvested in Brazil
Manufacturer: Organique California
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