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Masflex 32 cm Double Side Pressure Grill Pan

Double-Sided Die Cast Aluminum Pressure Grill Pan ensures fast & even heat distribution. Heavy Duty Die Cast responds instantaneously to any change in heat setting giving you even greater control over your cooking. Oblong shape provides more capacity than traditional round shape. Flip & Cook on either side, upper or lower pan. Cook without utensils and without mess. Superior Non Stick Coating ensures easy food release, fast cleaning, long lasting performance & low fat cooking. Pressure Gasket / Seal locks in moisture for juicy results while preventing unwanted smoke & odor. Strong Bakelite stay-cool handles with convenient & ergonomic magnetic lock. Ideal for healthy cooking and quick & easy clean up. Suitable for all types of stoves except Induction. 12 Months Limited Warranty with 7 Days Replacement. Average delivery time: 7 - 10 Working Days.
Manufacturer: Masflex
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12 Month Certificate of Limited Warranty

Masflex Non Stick Cookware warrants the handles, body, knobs, lids and fixings of the non-stick pan to be free of any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase for a period of 12 months. Masflex Non Stick Cookware warrants that the cookware will have no defects in material or manufacture that will render then unserviceable for the duration of the first user's ownership, beginning on the date of purchase by the first user.

This warranty excludes defects caused by the products not being used in accordance with the instructions, accidental damage (including overheating), or commercial use. It does not cover stains or scratches on the inside or outside of the product due to normal wear and tear. Dishwasher effects and damages are not covered under the warranty. The following conditions are also not covered by this warranty:


          (1) ordinary wear and tear (such as scratches, dents or stains to the body of the pot or rims, external or                              internal  surfaces that do not impair the functional utility of the product)

          (2) impact damage, dropping, or breakage

          (3) heat discoloration, minor imperfections and slight color variations in the metals or glass, which are a                            normal  part of the craftsmanship. 

          (4) exposure to extreme temperature changes (such as pre-heating cookware empty, letting liquids boil dry,                      immersing hot pot or lid into cold water, allowing gas flames to come up to the sides of the pan, sudden                      temperature changes, or resulting damage to the pot and/or  other property.

          (5) Improper cleaning methods causing scratches, or (6) other misuse


Failure to follow the accompanying Use and Care instructions or use of the Cookware in commercial applications will void this warranty.

Replacement warranty also excludes breakages and consumable items.


For warranty coverage, you must present your receipt to prove date of purchase. Your remedy for breach of this warranty is replacement of the cookware. This warranty guarantees repair or replacement at no charge of any piece of cookware showing defects in material or workmanship under normal use following the preceding use and care instructions. If an item is no longer available, a pan of similar value will be substituted. Every piece of Masflex Non Stick Cookware goes through two separate quality control check points and is deemed to be of highest quality.

This is a limited warranty and is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability.

Thank you for buying Masflex Non Stick Cookware! Enjoy cooking with Masflex Cookware!



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