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Assorted Pralines (24 pcs)

"24 Assorted and Unique Filipino flavors

Barako Coffee - Roasted Barako coffee beans in a Peruvian dark Chocolate with an espresso ganache
Binondo - Red tea with a blend of three Chinese spices filled into a milk chocolate
Minted Calamansi - Mint fondant with a dark chocolate calamansi ganache coated with milk chocolate
Gingerez Cervesa Negra - Dark chocolate cup filled with a milk chocolate ginger - Cerveza Negra ganache topped with roasted walnuts
Chamomile & Juniper Berry - Chamomile dark chocolate ganache with juniper berries in a dark chocolate shell
Gin Pomelo - Pomelo white chocolate ganache with a dash of local gin in a white chocolate cup
Guamamela - Hibiscus sabdariffa white chocolate ganache in a Peruvian dark chocolate shell
Kaffir Lime & Coconut - A Belgian white chocolate shell with kaffir lime and coconut cream
Salt & Pepper Caramel - Pink peppercorns and Himalayan salted caramel in a white chocolate shell
Santol - A deconstructed santol membrillo in a dark chocolate shell
Sencha Green Tea - Sencha japanese green tea white chocolate ganache in a white chocolate shell
Anise Orange - Star anise-orange dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell"
Manufacturer: CMV Txokolat
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